Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hiya I'm back

I love the coast, could quite happily move to the seaside, I love walking on the beach any weather.

No posts for a while because we have been to the coast for a week, weather wasn't great but we had a lovely holiday. Not back in the zone with my crafting yet, too much washing, unpacking and ironing to do! not to mention back to work, hoping to retire anytime soon!!!!!!!!!lol.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

snake girl

When at a party for one of my son's friends I got the chance to hold a snake I was a bit wary but I did it and it wasn't so bad, in fact I quite enjoyed it. On a previous visit with my daughter's school trip I got the chance to hold an Owl my favourite bird of prey in the world! unfortunately I couldn't get a photo holding the owl, camera and watching a group of five year olds is a bit impossible!!!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Birthday girl

I really like this photo of Charlotte on her birthday.

Birthday wishes

I made this card for my sister- in- law for her last birthday I always forget to take photo's of my cards, but I intend to start taking pictures of them before I send them out, so I will try to post more pics of my cards.


Lewis posed with his sunglasses just for these COOL pics. He reminds me of a model or celebrity footballer! We really enjoyed the photo shoot and he still likes to pose for the camera.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Pjay scrap-art

Pjay scrap-art


Last summer we didn't take a holiday instead we took loads of day trips, we found conkers on the web and decided to try it out. After 2 hours stuck in traffic on the M1 we arrived, but it was worth the wait and the kids had a brilliant day (so did we).

Sunday, 3 August 2008


Sometimes you need to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.


Celebrate and Grandad's Hat

We forgot Lewis' hat on visit to Grandma and Grandad so he borrowed "Grandad's Hat". Celebrate is an alternate Birthday layout with a message from Mum(me) to Charlotte.


Charlotte loves being in the frame, she does take a great pic though!!!!

Learning to ride

Lewis finally can ride a two wheeler and has gained confidence almost immediately, he can already go on a bike ride with Charlotte and Grandad. He needs to pay attention more to whats around him and we will be well away!!!!!


This is my daughter Charlotte a couple of years back when her front teeth came out. She hates it when her teeth come out!!! My son on the other hand thinks is great I keep the pliers hidden just in case!!!!lol!!!

My Sunshine

Thought you might like to check out what pages I've been creating lately, this is my son Lewis on a trip to the seaside last year.